Kitchen and storage

Behind each of our products there is the infl uence of enthusiasts ! Our designers take the utmost care in the achievements of the products. Lovers of nature, freedom, and with our commitment, they have designed sustainable, modern, practical and natural products. Our range, of folding tables "SOPLAIR Signature", meets the practicality and comfort needs of the most demanding users, while combining a sustainable development approach with bamboo integration.

Soplair chooses the nobility of bamboo !

Our research and development department has selected noble materials and designed products 100% adapted to the constraints of outdoor recreation. Our products offer the best compromise between solidity and space saving. Bamboo, a fast-growing, easy-to-grow renewable material with good technical characteristics, has been an alternative to traditional materials. Bamboo has excellent mechanical characteristics directly derived from its natural structure, so the relationship between its strength and its density classifies bamboo in front of aluminum, steel and wood.

Because of its low weight and elasticity, bamboo has properties that allow it to better withstand moisture and heat. This feature allows to produce furniture without risk of deformation and ideal for intensive outdoor use.

A choise for a highly eco-freindly material.

The desire to integrate sustainable development into our projects, reinforces all the more the interest in bamboo, ecological in every respect, bamboo fixes CO2, fi ghts erosion and consumes little energy in its manufacturing process.